Natural & Home Remedies for Scarlet Fever

Natural & Home Remedies for Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever, the disease which killed thousands during the 19th century, makes a comeback very often

Also known as Scarletina, scarlet fever is caused by a bacterium, Group A Streptococcus, which is the most common cause of bacterial sore throat (“strep throat”). Symptoms of scarlet fever usually include a sore throat, fever and swollen glands.

In severe cases, the bacteria may become invasive, causing necrotising fasciitis (the “flesh eating” bug), septicaemia and toxic shock syndrome. An increase in cases of invasive strep A is of particular concern because it can be deadly, killing up to one in four of those diagnosed. The risk is highest in those already seriously ill with reduced immunity, but also depends on the type of infection and the strain.

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Scarlet fever caused devastating epidemics through the 19th and early 20th centuries, and killed almost 5 per cent of those infected in 1914.

When your child has a strep throat, there’s a chance that he’ll get a rash known as scarlet fever or scarlatina. The symptoms of scarlet fever begin with a sore throat, a fever of 101 to 104 degrees Fahrenheit (38.2–40 degrees Celsius), and headache. This is followed within twenty-four hours by a red rash covering the trunk, arms, and legs. The rash is slightly raised, which makes the skin feel like fine sandpaper. Your child’s face may turn red, too, with a pale area around his mouth. This redness will disappear in three to five days, leaving peeling skin in the areas where the rash was most intense (neck, underarms, groin, fingers, and toes). He may also have a white coated, then reddened, tongue, and mild abdominal pain.

If left untreated it can result in rheumatic fever. Rheumatic fever is a serious condition that can cause inflammation of the heart, joints, and nervous system.

Other complications that sometimes arise from scarlet fever include:

Acute rheumatic fever

Bone or joint problems (osteomyelitis or arthritis)

Ear infection (otitis media)

Inflammation of a gland (adenitis) or abscess

Kidney damage (glomerulonephritis)

Liver damage (hepatitis)




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Natural Remedies

With the increased number of diseases, the number of medications available in the market has increased too. But do you think it is wise enough to pop a pill for everyday issues of your body? For instance, is it worth taking a drug if you have been sneezing for a few days? Though antibiotics and other drugs are essential to take care of chronic diseases, it is not necessary to go to a pharmacist every time. One should try the natural remedies for minor health issues. Besides helping you in reducing the intake of medical drugs, there are numerous benefits of natural remedies.

First and foremost advantage of using natural cures is that they are convenient and safe to use. You can be sure that you will not have any side effect. Secondly, they are comparatively cost-effective. Another plus point of using natural remedies is that most of them can be created in your own kitchen, using the products you use for cooking your daily food. Thus, they do not have any chemicals that make it easy for the body to digest them. They are easy to make and use.

Today more people are recognizing the benefits of natural remedies for treating many diseases. The medicines made by using home remedies contain natural ingredients and herbs, which ensures that they are welcomed by your body.

These natural remedies help in maintaining a balance in human body, thereby improving both physical as well as mental condition of the patient. Some of the home remedies are taken on regular basis to improve immune system of the body and prevent it from any possible illness. Moreover, it has been found because some of the herbs used in the natural remedies are very powerful they are more effective than medications in certain cases.

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A proper and continuous use of natural remedies outlined in the eBook will go a long way in curing and preventing Scarlet Fever from reappearing and completely getting rid of all health complications that may happen due to the condition.

Most of the natural remedies suggested are easily available and inexpensive and you can find many of them in your kitchen itself.

Once you have gone through the eBook, you will have a complete understanding of Scarlet Fever and you can consult your physician in an informed manner.

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